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About Boulder Crime Explorer

Our website serves as an interactive platform to visualize real time crime in Boulder, CO using data published by Boulder Open Data. Our tool can be used by city officials, residents, and others to analyze patterns in live time to better understand crime trends in their community.


Get statistics for crimes that occurred between a specified period

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Transformation from a density heat map of crimes to specific incident points

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Detailed information about each crime data point

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Investigate crime incident through a direct link from our website

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Data visualizations which provide insights into crime behavior in Boulder, CO

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How we built it

The primarily tools we used to build this application were the Mapbox API, D3.js, jQuery, Javascript, HTML and CSS. The Mapbox API was used to create the live visualizations along with jQuery using real data from the JSON file in Boulder Open Dataset Catalog. We used d3.js to create visualizations about various trends in the crime data including the frequency of crimes by month and a bar graph of the most frequently occurring categories of crimes. We used Javascript, HTML, and CSS to tie all the various visualizations together into a web page.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges in this project we ran into include mapping the real time JSON data points onto the Mapbox API map, using many tools such as d3.js for the first time, and also getting our map to work with the data seamlessly.

What's next for Boulder Crime Explorer

We hope to continue building on this project because we believe it is a beneficial tool to better the community.

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