The Tal Institute in Jerusalem inspired us to create a solution for this problem that we're having during crisis. The problem of Volunteers and NPO's who are looking for one another but at the end, don't find each other. Within a moment, we saw the opportunity, and understood that there's a way to make this whole system faster, smarter and to make it match the people in a second and with smart matching algorithms! and here we are! :) And to make it even a little better, why not creating something that does all that in different languages???

What it does

Botzi is a Messenger bot that asks you a few questions and decides whether you're a NPO or a Volunteer and what you need, with that, he creates a user on our Botzi site where you can see your profile as a Volunteer or NPO and the campaigns to sign-up/ that you signed-up and so on so that you can also do everything manually. Other than that, Botzi will notify you on FB Messenger when there's an available match. And how do we market all of that and make it cool ? SPARK-AR! we describe the NPO's activity and main field with cool filters that create an amazing "gamey" and fun activity :D

How I built it

Python with Flask to communicate with Messenger, sitting in AWS EC2, and writing/reading data to Firebase Firestore/Auth. A site based on Angular with Sign-in/up methods that help you navigate all that visually if needed. Spark-AR Studio for the filters.

Challenges I ran into

Connecting AWS and Python and AWS and auth made us switch some of it to firebase, getting/posting messages to the messenger, fetching the history and saving the current user's conversation to know what to do. Creating a site with Angular wasn't the easiest to do as well. Also, most of the product was built by 2nd-3rd Year Bsc Students in Tal's Institute which came from their Hackathon to make this dream happen, with a vision of it being a good product, but it took an effort to get 20 (! at first) people to work together and create it, when most don't have much experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The bot talks! we even got to get it live in Facebook! our site is soon to be finished and all this crazy system is coming to life! Putting all the pieces together, creating a team, teaching, studying, writing, learning, trying, has been a huge challenge to me and my team, and we're super proud of everything, and we know it won't be for nothing! you'll see this as a product! (Already talked with Jerusalem's Municipality and they are interested in using such system!)

What I learned

Management and product management in big teams. How to connect to messenger API and use it correctly with Python and JS. A lot about AWS also, I can't even write down how hard connecting everything there was...

What's next for Botzi

BOTZI MUST MAKE MATCH! Botzi's going to be an awsome matcher and will help NPO's to create a better world, and more than that our vision is that Botzi's going to make Volunteering as easy as dating on Tinder, and deciding what campaign to take as easy as browsing Netflix. Even if we won't take the first 500, You'll hear from Botzi, Remember us!

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