People with low income find it hard to get access to credit cards and thereby build a credit score. Just because a user doesn't own a credit card, doesn't mean that they are not entitled to have a credit score.

What it does

Allow users to scan receipts of cash or debit card payments which in turn would be used to compute a more inclusive custom credit score. Having such a feature can help customers get access to better deals when it comes to essential things like loans and insurance premiums. This would also enable the bank to appeal to a wider range of customers as this score would be an incentive for the customers to use the bank's services.

How we built it

The Android App was built using Android Studio. The Free OCR API ( was used to scan bill receipts and identify the amount involved in a particular transaction. The IOS app was built in Xcode. The yesWeScan cocoa pod was incorporated in order to scan the bills/recipts of the user to calculate their specific credit score.

Challenges we ran into

Scanning the receipt to get the amount of expenditure Setting the Parameters for calculating the credit score

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Built a working Android/IOS App as POC that depicts how our new feature can be incorporated in existing banks

What we learned

Working with Android Studio,Xcode, API Services, Data Analysis

What's next for BOTWScoreEstimator

Generalize it integrate it with social media

Built With

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