Using Chatbots to help detect Coronavirus

Today age is the age of automation, and chatbots are the hottest thing in the market right now! And as we have seen the new COVID-19 virus is growing at an enormous rate and we are lacking the infrastructure to cope up with this immense pandemic. So I used the power of code for social good. I made a Chatbot that can help people estimate their risk of getting infected to the COVID-19 virus by not even leaving their home.

The Inspiration

Chatbots are one of my growing interests and I wanted to something with them, and then the COVID-19 virus started spreading into a pandemic and became a global problem so I thought to myself "what if we can combine code and social group to solve this global problem?" and then I got the idea to make this awesome and useful app!

The Idea

So the app is basically divided into two main parts: Symptom Checker and Risk Meter. Let's talk about them one by one:

  • Symptom Checker: The symptom checker is a simple chatbot that asks you 10 questions in order to find if you are infected to the Corona Virus. These questions include your present symptoms (if you have a cough, headache,etc.), a bit about your past health history (do you have any prior illness?, are you immunocompromised?, etc) and then uses its probability function to speculate the chances that you are affected to the Corona Virus.

These reports are not medical reports and are based on pure probability, and hence they should not be taken above medical advice.

  • Risk Meter: This chatbot asks you about your previous travel history, nationality, interactions and symptoms to speculate the risk or chances of you getting the Corona Virus infection. This chatbots probability engine takes into consideration the number of COVID-19 cases in your country, infection rate, etc.

These reports do not guarantee and are just speculations, you should still stay inside your home.

Technical Part

Technologies use: This app is mainly programmed in Javascript as I am used to this language. Other tech used:

  • HTML
  • CSS

Libraries used:

Datasets/APIs used:

Building Process

The build was easier than I thought and it took me almost 4-5 hours to complete all of this. I used VSCode as my primary editor.

Problem Encountered The main problem was with the BotUI library as it does not have a very rich documentation but I solved this problem by searching online and using tech articles. The UI was also a problem as I am not a very artistic person. :(

What I learnt? I made my first chatbot and this was my second hackathon so I had a lot of fun and learnt a lot in the way through.\

Profile I am Saksham Saxena from Little Angels School, Pilibhit,India discord: Saksham #8790 Slides:

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