We know someone that recently got into the bar business. If they shall expand this might be useful for them and might be of assistance

What it does

It searches ingredients based off of the drinks. Suppose you want a drink with Vodka, you'd search for vodka and it'll populate and filter with only drinks that contain vodka.

How we built it

We used react and the algolia api

Challenges we ran into

We didn't know how to use react and did not know how to make different components

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a working version of the app. It currently works.

What we learned

To not give up. to keep going until we hit the end of the tunnel

What's next for bottoms up

To increase the database to contain more drinks, to possibly use machine learning to detect color of the drink and return search results based on the drinks, and possibly implementing the POS system

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