• We recently read an article about the effects of plastics on the ecosystem and was inspired to contribute on a solution. We realized how easy it is to recycle and maybe others just don't have the correct resources. We wanted to help inform using this app. ## What it does
  • Our app allows users to snap pictures of a bottle they want to recycle. After doing so, the app will lead them to a page where they can find the material of the bottle and the cost of recycling it. ## How we built it
  • With Android Studio, We only used java to create the app's UI and camera feature. ## Challenges we ran into
  • Development with the app
  • Implementation of the camera feature and the design of the UI. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of
  • We are proud of the implementation of the UI and camera feature. This was the most difficult part of making the application since this is our first time using this platform. There was a lot of troubleshooting along the way. ## What we learned
  • We learned about the usage of the platform, Android Studio. We were also able to learn how to design the UI of the app along with creating a camera feature for the users. ## What's next for Bottle Scanner
  • We hope to improve the ease of use of the application
  • We hope to implement a feature to find the closest recycling-center location.
  • We hope to improve the camera’s functionality

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