Every day, 1500 plastic bottles are opened and discarded into our waste management system. 80% of these bottles end up in landfills. When trying to posit why the cycle of ignoring the value of reuse has flourished, we determined that education is insufficient. We knew that encouraging schools to discuss the topic one day a year would not be sufficient to change habits in the long term, so we set out to find a tangible business idea, that could help transform future generation's views on reuse.

During out brainstorming sessions, our team of engineers and businessmen honed in on the concept of toys with a mission. With that, Bottle Blocks was born. Mock ups were developed and Earl Co rushed to the Tandon MakerSpace at NYU and developed our first prototype, modular connector kits to make useful, artistic, fun objects out of water bottles. After several iterations, we found our model, educational kits sold to teachers, schools and parents, aimed at teaching their students and children the power of reuse through a range of fun, project-based kits.

We believe that we have developed a solution to target this issue at the core. By instilling positive habits towards reuse within our children at a young age, we believe that the lessons learned will be brought with them as they grow into the future leaders of tomorrow. Incorporating a sound and realistic business model, our proposal covers all grounds and can be feasibly ready for market within the next several months.

Built With

  • laser
  • laser-cutter
  • plastic-water-bottles
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