Part of TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon 2016 in San Francisco. Team of 1. This project is a weather bot based on IBM Watson. Talk and interact with Botseidon to determin which gear to bring on the water depending on your location and current weather conditions. Still one little bug on the connection between wind strength and sail size to fix.

Install and Run

Set your Python environment

This project is using Python3. Follow Watshon Developer Cloud / Python SDK documentation to set up your environment and get your credentials from

Set up your Bluemix bot

Import botseidon.json into IBM Conversation UI. The workspace ID is visible in botseidon.json. Feel free to improve the bot as much as you wish!

OpenWeather API

Create your account on OpenWeather and import your API key into config.json.


Execute to start a shell and interact with the bot.


  • Add a GUI
  • Add the size of the board
  • Fill more locations


  • Mathieu Mailhos

Built With

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