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You can go to our website to play the web version right from your browser! Or you can also download the version made for your operating system.

Github Status

Our files are a bit too large for GitHub's liking, so we can't get our project up on there. However, the game's downloads are available on our website,

We are also currently uploading to Google Drive and OneDrive so you can have access to the files. The links to those files will be in our Try it out section.


We decided to make BotOfWar because we were curious about game design, especially in 3D, since our last hackathon game, Call Of Corgi, was in 2D. We wanted to gain experience with Unity and 3D game design and make a bigger and longer game in general.

What it does

Bot Of War is a game where you need to find your way out of the city by fighting enemies. There are many enemies to defeat along the way, and there will be a boss battle in the end.

How we built it

Bot Of War was built using the Unity game engine and was designed with various publicly available 3D assets. The scripts were coded in C#.

Challenges we ran into

Due to the lack of game design and development experience across the team, we faced the following challenges:

  • Getting physics to work
  • Finding Assets
  • Fixing Lighting and Shadows (Which are still very buggy).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Building a playable game while still in 11th grade.
  • Despite being our second game, we were able to make a 3D game right away.
  • Being able to make an improved combat system with health bars and more complex enemy AI.
  • Having a more coherent story.

What we learned

  • Physics Simulation In Unity
  • More Complex C#
  • Basic AI for enemies
  • 3D game design in Unity
  • Creating Healthbars
  • 3D is like 2D, but with an extra dimension
  • Creating complex enemy AI, aggro ranges, sight, subroutines, formations.

Future Improvements

  • Improve the lighting
  • Improve enemy AI and variety
  • Make some cutscenes
  • Add quest markers so that players know where they are going
  • More Animations

What's next for Bot of War

  • Adding more levels
  • Introducing new mechanics and gameplay
  • More enemies


We want to thank everyone WinHacks for giving us this opportunity, Unity for providing us with student licenses and the assets for the main character and the background, Polygon Blacksmith for the enemy models, Triplebrick for the final boss, and Sabri Ayes for some environmental assets.

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