People have to go out of their way to take control of their privacy. Sometimes, they need to go through complicated settings and unparsed data to become of your data and how it is being used. This could be solved by creating a simple privacy assistant that can hold a natural conversation and do a variety of tasks.

What it does

The bot will have the ability to use Google, Facebook, Amazon APIs to automatically delete tertiary user data. The bot will also pull from Google News to learn about any privacy/ data breaches to recommend action to the user. The assistant enables you to see who has what data, what they may be doing with it and allow you to take action based off of this information.

How I built it

The entire bot was developed in python.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into multiple challenges building a web app to pull data from a variety of platforms. Instead, we decided to implement Keybase as a centralized and secure platform. Building user authentication with Blockstack was particularly difficult

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to have made a chatbot for the first time!

What I learned

We learned the Keybase API

What's next for BotNow

Built With

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