So like my friends ditched me for this hackathon so I had to solo it. So I imagined how people work and stuff and thought, "Hey wouldn't you make so much more money if you had a robotic assistance guide you through your store instead of having employees?". Then I thought deeper... "What if, you could also replace the cashier?". And boom, on that day, on September 9th, 2016, the ingenious 100% original idea of using Pepper as a marketplace guidance robot was born!

What it does

It's a robotic assistance that helps customers find and order stuff from the store.

How I built it

Uses the Pepper SDK and Android Studio. Firstly, I made a server to store GPS coords and item information. I used GPS in order to locate items and locate Pepper as Pepper has an Android tablet which allows me to do that. Then, I used Haversine's formula to calculate the distance in x and y by plugging in points (lat1, 0), (lat2, 0) for the x in meters and (0, lng), (0, lng) for the y in meters. Then I made Pepper translate it's x first and avoid obstacles using it's sonar detection system. Then, it translates it's y and avoids obstacles as well. Then it reaches the item and the user should have followed along like a normal human being. Then it's like dance and celebration be like "ya i found it man". Then it goes and makes you pay for it on Braintree with the tablet. After that, it does that little cliche cashier sound thing with the register and you know you paid for it.

Challenges I ran into

Me being stupid

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Me not being stupid

What I learned

How not to be stupid

What's next for BotMarket

If I win that $3000, I would totally use that to buy a Pepper and like actually implement this irl. Ok turns out, I'm not eligible for that prize so uh if I win Braintree's prize, I would use it to buy a Pepper and implement this irl. And keep using Braintree to process everything payment like.

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