Living in small households, my team realized how much food is wasted everyday because the large portion of food we make is uneaten and eventually thrown away. We were determined to combat this problem by building a web app that includes a google form embedded in map so that users can fill out a google form and pinpoint their location they’re at to share their food. Along with that, users will input the cuisine and food they are offering. When submitted, the Google Maps API will show the location of where the person who is sharing food is.

As a team of majority beginners, we learned a lot during this hackathon. Through the help of our wonderful mentors, we were able to learn about GoogleMaps API, Hasura, Github, transferring domains, and Photoshop and implement it onto our website. During our hackathon, we faced the challenge of user authentication. We hope to work outside of this hackathon to implement this feature using Hasura in the near future.

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