Our team and inspiration formed on the bus ride to HackUMass 3, with people in all different backgrounds we all hoped to learn and create something new!

What it does

Botler allows intermediate programmers, as well as advanced programmers to create bots and challenge other users to games. By providing a web IDE, users can learn to code by creating Python bots to play games such as Rock-Paper-Scissors and Light Cycle. Our platform provides users with all they need to develop their bots to play these games. We even provide statistics online and on mobile so users can see how their bots are performing!

How we built it

There were many different aspects that went into creating this project. We have a back end and game engine written with Python and Haskell. On our site we have an IDE built in that allows users to create their bots right on the website in Python. We also have a mobile application that goes alone with our web application to show the statistics of the user's bots.

Challenges we ran into

There were plenty of challenges that were run into when developing this project. One of them was starting out using Microsoft Azure. Our mobile developer's laptop broke mid way through the project and plenty of time was put into fixing it. There were also small challenges like any project that we ran into.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're all very proud of our entire project, we believe it was a big project and are glad that we got it all finished. We're also proud of the beautiful user interface done on both the website and in the mobile application. Making it beautiful was definitely a good part of our project.

What we learned

Each one of us learned something new. Whether it was working on front end instead of back end, or working with a new programming language, each one of us took something new out of our project.

What's next for Botler

What's next for Botler? Well, we plan to release Botler to the public to allow the intermediate programmers wanting to learn more to do so. We hope to create many more games that people can create bots for and battle with one another as well.

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