We are part of a Facebook developer circle community, it is often difficult to gather the opinions of the members of the community because when you create a pool via a facebook group or chat group many group members are reluctant to answer it beacuse the pools show directly their choice to others etc.... Hence the idea of doing this platform to fix it .

What it does

BotCercle is the application where everyone can create their community of people and interact with them in real time through personalized messages, polls and have the results in real time. The application has 2 components, a web component and and mobile component on messenger.

On webview we can :

  1. Create group or community
  2. Invite people to join group through group unique link
  3. Send message to group members
  4. Accept people request to join a group
  5. Remove member from group
  6. Create polls and sent it to group
  7. Get polls result in real time
  8. Download polls results

On Messenger:

  1. Join community through unique link
  2. Send message on the group
  3. Answer to polls questions
  4. leave group
  5. Send a request to join a group
  6. Send message to group admin

How I built it

To develop the application, we have use several facebook products we first started by learning how a messenger bot works then we learned how to authenticate and share content with facebook. PHP, nodejs and other was not new to us.

Challenges I ran into

there were two main challenges

  1. find a way to manage user sessions on messenger
  2. Find a way to synchronize the account of a user on messenger with the one who is on the web application

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • I am proud of the work done in general
  • I am proud to have learned to use Facebook products
  • I am proud to have solved the challenge I encountered

What I learned

  • Messenger Bot API
  • Facebook login API
  • Facebook share
  • ReactJS

What's next for BotCircle

  1. Create a survey with conditional questions
  2. Share polls on social networks
  3. Allows users to join a group by scanning a QRCODE

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