Currently, Discord offers users the extremely powerful code-based tool of bots to automate and manage their servers. However, this is also the problem. A significant portion of the Discord userbase is unable to fully leverage these bots as they require coding knowledge to create and implement. Additionally, with the vast wealth of features and tools for a bot, it's extremely hard to find a bot with the exact feature set that you desire. This leaves many users unable to fully leverage Discord bots to their full potential. This is where Botanist comes in.

What it does

Botanist is a NLP powered Discord bot that generates other custom Discord bots (Code-Free). A user is able to type in a very natural request such as " I want to manage my server and let members search for pictures" and Botanist will use Google Cloud's NLP API to break down the request to determine which features the user is requesting for a frictionless no-code experience. Botanist then builds a custom bot based on these requests and sends it to the user in a neat package. The delivered bot comes with a script that automatically installs dependencies and starts the hosting of the bot and is immediately able to be invited to a server. From start to end, a user can create a custom bot within minutes.

Additionally, we allow users to upload their own commands and modules to a database of open source modules. With every added module Botanist becomes smarter and more accurate with its automated bot making. Additionally, Botanist is hosted on a Jetson Nano to be up 24/7 instead of being locally hosted.

Challenges we ran into

Being new to Javascript + tons of async stuff = way too many errors and bugs that we had to troubleshoot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We never worked with Discord bots before and were very inexperienced with the tech but we managed to fully flesh out every single idea we had and the bot works just as we imaged it to!

What we learned

We learned tons about Javascript, using API's such as Google NLP API and Discord.js, async, editing and modifying files, more async, design and hosting, and more async.

What's next for Botanist

We hope to improve the NLP and smooth out some errors to make it usable by everyone 100% of the time! We also hope that we can create more modules to use and combine.

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