Random bots masking themselves as real social personalities. Interacting with me and spoiling the fun of Instagram which is to have fun with your friends online by sharing meaningful snippets or memories.

What it does

Hunts down bots using graph theory, machine learning, and common sense.My account baits bots using popular hashtags, popular locations and famous personalities in tags. It records the actions of the bots to verify they are really bots and acting unnaturally.

How I built it

Built using chromium and selenium with the backend in Python.

Challenges I ran into

Meaningful data from K-cluster. Making graphs from Instagram data to show meaningful data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successful in hunting down badly coded bots.

What I learned

A lot of bots, masquerading and invading Instagram.

What's next for Bot! You are terminated.

Bigger scale and community building. Automatic reporting of bots.

Built With

  • chromium
  • cluster-analysis
  • cvn
  • graph-theory
  • graph-visualisation
  • python
  • selenium
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