Playing twilio quest of course and just being a person who likes the C# programming language. It was perfect to name my bots after the official mascot for .NET and the greed blobs were named after a series on Channel 9 called ASP.NET monsters

What it does

The whole purpose of this extension is to teach the basics of the C# language

How we built it

Started off with using the Twilio quest extension template on Github. Then used Tiled to create and edit the maps for the mission level using the provided tileset and one I downloaded from the Special thanks to

  • Edu
  • Tazmoe for the tilesets

I made use of the Roslyn API to analyze players' source code to make a syntax tree of the whole program. LINQ makes it easy for me to traverse the tree to find a variable I told the user to declare. I also made sure of the Rosyln Scripting API to execute the code with the code statements

Challenges we ran into

It was a challenge to learn Twilio quest in a short period of time. I really didn't have much experience in node js so i had to make an adjustment and work with a semi-unfamiliar language. Tiled was a challenge too ## Accomplishments that we're proud of

happy to get my extension working

What we learned

- ## What's next for bot.NET


Built With

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posted an update

I ran out of time but in the future, I would like to continue developing the storyline of a character called Kyle a crew member who reflects new devs. His mistakes will be the set stage for new C# lessons or objectives in the extension.

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