Discord is a platform that is widely used and by bot would therefore be easily accessible

What it does

A discord bot with a large variety of functions such as:

hi ➪ say hi to the bot 👋 cat ➪ Sends a random photo of a cat 🐱 dog ➪ Sends a random photo of a dog 🐶 meme ➪ Sends a trending meme 🐸 joke ➪ Send a joke 😜 help ➪ Shows this list of commands 🙋‍♀️ translate ➪ Translates 🌐 define ➪ Sends a funny definition of it 📖 rps ➪ Play rock paper scissors with the bot ✊🖐✌️ ping ➪ Sends your ping 🔊 weather ➪ Sends weather and some other details 🌦 trivia ➪ Sends random number trivia 🔢

other than these there are a variety of music commands as well:

connect ➪ Connects to the Voice Channel you are in disconnect ➪ Disconnects from the voice channel play ➪ Plays the song pause ➪ Pauses the song resume ➪ Resumes the song skip ➪ Skips the song seek ➪ Skip directly to a specific part volume ➪ Adjust the volume of the music loop ➪ Loop/Unloop the song nowplaying ➪ See what song is playing currently queue ➪ See the queue equalizer ➪ Select the equalizer

Challenges I ran into

finding a open lavalink node and working with apis

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

its hosted and is online 24/7

What I learned

trial and error and being resourceful by scouting the internet if im not able to solve an error

What's next for Awaffle_Bot

Integrating ai to help people in distress(Machine Learning) in private messages so that it can be used for a wider audience

NOTE: The code in the github repository will not work unless api keys and bottoken are put in

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