Manage and distribute workload between robots for efficient utilization of all available robots is either tedious or not viable with Uipath built-in capability

What it does

UiPath Bot calling Bot framework aims to function as a workload manager for robots by distributing transactions across available robots even across multiple tenants and orchestrators

How we built it

We have used UiPath Orchestrator APIs to build the framework. A new transaction for a process is triggered by creating a transaction item in the master queue. A master robot runs non-stop as back-end process checking for requests in master queue. The master bot check the back-end configuration to find out robots which are configured for the corresponding process and dispatch the transaction and wakes up a robot based on its availability.

Challenges we ran into

Although Uipath Orchestrator API are well documented, it took some time to explore and choose apt API call for the job in hand. Managing adn dispatching queue items, bots and enabling the framework work across multiple orchestrator/tenant came out as bit more challenging than we expected.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proud to make the framework work the way we intended

What we learned

We have learned the power of collaboration, team spirit, innovative thinking & problem solving. This project also help us in understanding the importance of well defined plan and time management

What's next for Bot calling Bot

Looking forward to demonstrate the capabilities of the framework with our customers

Built With

  • uipath-orchestrator-api
  • uipath-studio
+ 14 more
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