Inspiration in environment develops with IoT special equipment. Irregulation on performance produce in the goods or product without occurrences. So; it notify to report on fault conditions.

What it does create with modern program by professional programmers whether it can solute in any request or requirement, moreover, it can remind on irregular automation.

How we built it have copyright of IoT by vender that announce advertise on IoT by offering in option. I confine it reality product.

Challenges we ran into study the goal on announce whether what it exist topic. Th solution occur in discover on content. It must be accepting on cover the topic. Bot Activity can exist in sustainability.

Accomplishments that we're proud of product. No matter what result occur in proper IoT equipment. AWS can announce around the world and sale it for venders.

What we learned on IoT can produce in reality product. The result of product occur in any command programming. The opportunity of marketing advertise in modern IoT reality.

What's next for Bot Activity Readiness submit by committee whether material object can occur in reality IoT that modern equipment.

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Activity can manage in Health Monitoring. We can use this technology to identify health problems. The patterns of heart rate, pulse, digestive system, and blood pressure can be monitored and diagnosed for anomalies. The information can be sent to the doctor for analysis. The hospital can also be contacted in times of emergencies. This system will be very useful to senior citizens and disabled people who live independently.

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