Inspiration and What It Does

In an age where the best productivity is the result of collaboration, we decided to make an app which allows users to simultaneously draw 3D shapes.

How I built it

Through facing many, many road blocks.

Challenges I ran into

Incorporating WIFI database.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This whole wep app, really.

What I learned

3D graphics and configuring servers

What's next for 3Draw

More UI improvements, and additional features to allow practical use, such as CAD.

Instructions for Use:

2 Types of Cameras: Free Camera: Up, down, left, right to move, mouse cursor to rotate Arc Camera: mouse cursor to rotate around the origin, scroll to zoom

Controls of On-Screen Cursor: W,A S,D Q,E

Scaling Controls (After Selecting Object): R,F T,G Y,H

Colour Change: 1 - White 2 - Red 3 - Blue 4 - Yellow 5 - Magenta

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