Minesweeper Feat. LeapMotion

The Challenge The four of us learned to use an entirely new API in the span of this 24 hour hackathon and completed our first hardware hack.

The Accomplishment While the game certainly isn't perfect, it's definitely functional, with 3 different types of hand motions required to interact and play the game. We even managed to put in a little joke whenever you uncover a mine!

How To Play

Well, you're obviously going to need a LeapMotion. But if you have one, here's how you can play!

There are three different types of motions required to play the game:

  • To reveal what's behind a square, hover your right hand on the square and move it in a circle, being careful not to uncover more than one!
  • To disarm a mine, hover your right hand over the tile you want to disarm and push your left index finger in towards the screen (this is called 'screen tapping'-- but don't actually touch the screen!) Note that you only have 13 'defuse kits' and 11 bombs to defuse. Use these kits sparingly.
  • Once a mine is disarmed, you'll be able to uncover the tile safely. There will be an 'X' where the mine once was.
  • If you try and disarm a tile that is not a mine you will lose one of your disarm kits. Once you're out of these kits and you still have mines to defuse, you will lose.
  • This is all about speed- the game will let you know how long you took to finish after you've either lost or won the game. Remember that being slow to defuse all the bombs makes you a lot less cool.
    • Have fun!

always remember: beware the trump

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