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Our project is inspired by the struggles of the visually impaired. The inspiration comes from people that we personally know who struggle in their daily life to detect the things around them. For example, it is really difficult for them to go on social media and see what their friends and family are posting. Our app gives them the support to better understand the content posted and connect with people around them. We think that our app can give people access to the world around them and link people together. From this inspiration, our app has two major features: image recognition and live camera recognition. The app will speak out the objects in the picture/camera using CoreML API if the confidence interval is larger than 50%. This means that the user can either point at an object to detect it or upload a photo for the app. Our app would definitely work well with Voice-Over due to its simplicity, which makes it really easy for users to navigate. As our first Hackathon and limited knowledge of Swift, we faced a lot of struggles along the way in terms of learning syntax and running into numerous bugs and errors. We had a really difficult time learning how to implement the CoreML model within our program and incorporating it with the automated speech. In the end, we powered through and finished our app - See and Say.

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