Affordable Boston Housing Search Tool

Created for SheHacks 2018!

Are you homeless and hate Facebook?

Well, we have THE tool for you! Boston Housing Search aggregates data from Facebook and Zillow so you can check out those new apartment listings without getting distracted by reposts of month old memes from reddit. You may have install highly dangerous Chrome extensions that allow requests to other domains and potentially enable phishing schemes, but don’t worry. We don’t know to fish.


This search tool combines searching rental listings from Facebook and Zillow. And integrates Google Maps for easy location services.




  1. clone the repo

    git clone
  2. Create a Facebook App ID and get an access token. Follow this tutorial.

  3. Add app-id and access token to code. These are found on lines 43 and 44 of index.html.

  4. If on Chrome, install the "Allow-Control-Allow-Origin" extension. Or similar tool if using another browser. Please note: this allows websites to make requests to domains other than their own. This can be dangerous. Be sure to disable the extension when done using the site.

  5. Open the website by opening index.html in your browser of choice.

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