How might we use the Bose SoundTouch Notification API to improve the way we start the day?

What it does

BoseULTIMATE is a web platform that combines SoundTouch Notification API, Google Calendar API, the IBM Weather API, the IBM Cloud Text to Speech Recognition Watson API and a method implemented to randomly pick a song from your Spotify list via the SoundTouch platform to output to the Bose SoundTouch10 as a new song every morning. If specified, it can access your Google Calendar to notify you of the events you have that day. It can also tell you the weather.

How we built it

We built it using the SoundTouch Notification API, Google Calendar API, IBM Weather API, and Flask.

Challenges we ran into

  • Deploying our app to a Docker image to use the IBM Bluemix Cloud platform.
  • Using IBM Weather API
  • Using Text to Speech API
  • Using Google Calendar API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Setting up Spotify list within SoundTouch platform and creating an alarm route to randomly pick a song and play it

What we learned

  • Learned more about Docker
  • Learned the SoundTouch Notification API
  • Learned more about the Google Calendar API
  • Learned more about the IBM Weather API
  • Learned more about the IBM Watson Text to Speech API

What's next for BoseULTIMATE

In the future, we will implement an improved alarm system that the user can set up via the platform. The platform will be able to play a song as an alarm clock, notifying the weather, and the events that you have on your calendar. Take into consideration multi-family for one device. Integrate other music providers such as radio stations or private to your device.

Built With

  • css
  • flask
  • google-calendar-api
  • html
  • ibm-bluemix-weather-api
  • python
  • soundtouch-audio-notification-api
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