We wanted to learn something new and the Frames gave us the perfect opportunity. So, we took advantage of the sensors inside to create an accessibility device so users can use the Frames as a cursor on their computer.

What it does

Our project allows you to control a cursor by moving your head around looking at a screen

How we built it

Using Bose API through Unity, we export the sensor data, and feed it straight into Python where we perform geometry to determine the mouses location, and we use algorithms to smooth the mouse movement even though the data is noisy.

Challenges we ran into

Exporting data from Unity and onto the computer to use with python was really difficult, so that was a big hurdle.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were using Python which not everyone on our team was familiar with, so collaborating and keeping everyone on the same page was really important to us. This means that everyone on the team is familiar with the project and understands it to the core.

What we learned

Python! Unity! Mouse smoothing algorithms, and a LOT about the Bose Frames and their sensors and how they work.

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