Who has what is currently on loan ? From whom did you say the CD? When should I return the book?

These and other questions are a thing of the past thanks to the app BorrowNone. Easy as can now be borrowed and lent the objects clearly presented. With a few steps, new entries can add, delete or edit. So you always keep track of his belongings or what you have borrowed them.

An entry can be provided with a picture and a comment, as can be minimized accuse. Disputes such as ' you have made ​​scratches in the CD ' let that prevent easier.

BorrowNone is self-explanatory and for each lender and borrower a handy addition .


  • Overview of borrowed and lent items
  • Manage over borrowed and lent items
  • Entry can contain the photo and comment
  • Intuitive and simple user interface
  • Select a contact from contact list
  • Export your entry to your device calendar

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