Break Inequality Hackathon Submission

The Problem In Bangladesh, only 24% of births are attended by a medical professional. Living in rural areas often makes accessing essential health care services and information very difficult, especially for vulnerable new mothers and infants.

Our Solution Born Ready is an SMS (texting) based service that provides immediate responses to common health care concerns involved with pregnancy, as well as connecting women to health care professionals in their region for safer births. We chose SMS as our form of communication because most people living in Bangladesh have limited access to wifi. Ideally, this will reduce infant and maternal mortality, especially in high-risk pregnancies.

Community healthcare workers currently serve as a strong connection between people and medical professionals in Bangladesh. However, they are responsible for around 600 households and record the majority of their information on paper. This is a lot of work and makes tracking the health of especially vulnerable people very difficult.

With our service, community healthcare workers can input essential information of pregnant women through SMS to our database. They can query the database later as necessary. This organized and systematic collection of information increases accountability and makes processing data (by the government or as part of research projects) much easier. As the pregnancy progresses, both the woman and CHW will receive frequent alerts and reminders to provide further medical information.

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