I am a technical designer and worked for NASA for 30 years designing scientific instruments for studying Earth. I favor a design approach that jumps back and forth from the bottom (what technology can now do) and the top (the big picture). Often I have found it very hard to define the highest level of the top of a design. So it is with our climate crisis.

One way to do this is to study the life’s work of a beloved professor, in this case Joseph Campbell, and apply that work to the new problem. Here we are applying “Hero’s Journey” to providing our young people with a foundation for action.

Since we needed some piazza, we followed Arthur C. Clark’s advice and added an Artificial Intelligence as a main character, JanetA.

What it does

The task for this Hack is a table read for the first eight chapters of our now well-advanced novel. A Table Read is a communication exercise commonly used for developing movies.

## How I built it

This effort is build out of words. I now have available: (1) notes for a table read, (2) character list, and (3) chapters in .pdf.

Challenges I ran into

Most of the available Climate Fiction is pure dystopia and worse than useless for our young people.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my second proper book.

What I learned

What you know how to do is not always what is needed. Learn something new.

What's next for Born to Storms Table Read

This table read will take our allowed five team members a couple hours to do. The book should be ready for the publisher by July.

This is a rare learning element in the very top level of design and in communication on technology. ________-

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