I am a technical designer and worked for NASA for 30 years designing scientific instruments for studying Earth. I favor a design approach that jumps back and forth from the bottom (what technology can now do) and the top (the big picture). Often I have found it very hard to define the highest level of the top of a design. So it is with our climate crisis; so it is with human/AI interaction.

One way to do this is to study the life’s work of a beloved professor, in this case Joseph Campbell, and apply that work to the new problem. Here we are applying “Hero’s Journey” to providing our young people with a foundation for action.

Logline: Set in the 2020s, a young woman, supported by an Artificial Intelligence, driven from her home by storms and rising seas embarks on a life affirming struggle to find and support so many people in action on our climate crisis.

Since we needed some piazza, we followed Arthur C. Clark’s advice and added an Artificial Intelligence as a main character, JanetA.

What it does

The task for this Hack is to have discussions with people of diverse backgrounds to insure that the novel characters from similar backgrounds ring true. These character include;

1. Afro-American young woman high school student
2. A person from Bangladesh
3.  Older Afro-American woman and man
4.  Native American man

## How I built it

All top level designs are is build out of words. I now have available: (1) example chapter, (2) short segments for describing each character.

Challenges I ran into

Most of the AIs in movies and TV are horrible monsters ("Terminator"). Most of the available Climate Fiction is pure dystopia and worse than useless for our young people.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my third proper book.

What I learned

What you know how to do is not always what is needed. Learn something new.

What's next for Born to Storms Table Discussions

This is a rare learning element in the very top level of design and in communication on technology.

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posted an update

I hope to get some advice from people with life experience related to the following characters with diverse cultural backgrounds:

  1. Sarah – A female Afro-American high school student. She has been driven from her beloved beach condo by rising seas.
  2. JanetA – An artificial intelligence who has had extensive training to live with Sarah as symbionts. She is also incorporated and thereby a corporate person.
  3. Dea – A middle-aged Afro-American woman who has been driven from her ancestral home in the Mississippi delta by salt intrusion. She now cooks for large numbers of people.
  4. Mick Roanhorse – A young man and member of the Navajo Nation. A teller of stories.
  5. Batannie -- A native African young man from the area around Mount Kilimanjaro. He is trying to understand the Serengeti.
  6. Iranga – A young person from Sri Lanka who is much concerned about the plight of elephants.
  7. Bibba – A female anthropology student in Europe. She has made a study of the power of stories.
  8. Aadya – A young Moslem woman in Bangladesh who is studying to administer refugee camps.
  9. Bangladesh farmer – An older man driven from his ancestral land by salt intrusion. Farther of Aadya and a Moslem.
  10. Chief Petty Officer Kenneth B. Jones – A white middle-aged man and member of the United States Navy.

We also need someone who can do a little I cannot get through the sign-in. We have a short story, “Southern Ice”, that would make a good example. Please let me know if you would like to see it.

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posted an update

AI task: If I can get this problem open and I can get people interested, I do have a specific task related to natural language to do.

We have a short story "Southern Ice", that has the same characters as the novel.

We can take the dialogue of the human character, Sarah, and run it through Wit. The results should show if the AI characters, JanetA and Fishy-fishy-Fishface14, could reasonable under stand it.

Sounds like fun. Tom Riley

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posted an update

The entire Born to Storms story assumes a high level of natural language recognition, but this being a high-level design exercise, I do not have a specific example file for this contest. Can anyone trough together an example by Friday or the project will be blocked?

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