There is nothing in this world that makes you happy than bringing a life back to its power. Since Plasma,Blood,Organ donation has become the need of the hour,we tried to create a website to bring a large scale society change.

What it does

It provides hope and give others a chance for better,more productive and healthier lives.It also connects the people who are in need to the people who can help.

How we built it

We divided our work into Frontend and Backend, for frontend we have used HTML,CSS,Bootstrap,Javascript scripting languages, and for Backend we have used PHP,Mysql,WampServer(localhost) etc...

Challenges we ran into

First we were intimidated by the database connection but now we are able to attain a stable position in the area of database connection. Retrieving the data from the database and displaying the updates which are needed. Since donating is a complex task we tried for the authenticity of the donor by searching for the apt questions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The mere idea of saving a life through a small project is the greatest achievement. Team Spirit. The Individual Effort.

What we learned

We learned to face the challenges of designing the User-Friendly website. Considering the creative ideas of every individual and integrating them to form a final product.

What's next for Born To Give

Our future goals are to implement the statistics through data visualization and display all analytics of donations all over the world.

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