Wanted to make an indie game similar in charm to Celeste and Undertale.

What it does

Allows the player to play as three dogs with unique abilities that have to work together to get to the end of each level.

How we built it

Assets were made in Adobe Photoshop. Game scenes and physics were done using the game engine Godot.

Challenges we ran into

Godot was difficult to work with at the beginning. Neither of our developers had experience with it before, so much of our first few hours were spent reading guides and documentation. It also had some bugs and limitations that caused us to scrap some of our ideas. Additionally, we ran into issues importing our assets, like art.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The artwork turned out very well. It's made with a lot of TLC and the animations were created with a lot of attention to detail. Additionally, the game soundtrack is an original composition.

What we learned

We learned not to develop detailed art on a game before the game works.

What's next for Bork Tower

There were level designs for a complete story with meaningful puzzles, but they weren't able to be realized in the demo due to time setbacks. What would be next is completing and polishing the game.

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