What does this mean: Shariar, if the Mountain won't come to Mohammed, then Mohammed shall surely come to the Mountain.

One steers out unto a task of magnanimous proportions, tries through sheer luck alone -mistakably divine providence. Whereas sheer will-power alone is divine proportions.

That in order to get what you truly desire it is incumbent to remove all the unnecessary blockers to peak efficiency and performance in all aspects/areas of life. The boring parts of our lives take up over 80% of our time, everyone else is trying to make devices. I want to make it all connect, take care of the boring stuff. So that people can go on seeing through to the real stuff. 20%, is all you have, and you'll spent that mostly at work, putting out situational fires, and along some path towards some dream that one's striving for. Financial analytics does this to a portfolio, why not turn the individual to a portfolio, that connects and keeps you connected to all the things you need to be doing. Minus everything else -now, wouldn't that be great?

What it does

Uses AR technology to help along the daily workflows of a person, through the most important tasks, to the least important, but necessary. We will do this by connected the user to all it's connected world, and then working around their daily routines to get the boring things done. That's why we're boring

How I built it

AWS: Lamba, ECS, and RDS again mostly AWS. Unity 3d, using ARCore GPS pull yelp, 4square, business directories, create a world of goggles
use twilio api for phone confirmation blockchain for userid change phone, migrate your blockchain to phone like whats app

Challenges I ran into

Pieces all the pieces of the program together To dig into all of the process of the app So that the technologies can be put in place of features

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Just all of it

What I learned

People really are lazy, unless you give them a tug, dap, and sometimes a slap.

What's next for

We're gonna automate your entire f'in life.

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