Due to being stuck at home during Quarantine season (for a very valid reason of course, please wear your masks), we were in the same situation as most of the population, what should I do? It has already been a couple of months and you are beginning to run out of ideas on what to do to fill your time. You've already seen all the Netflix shows, you're already done enough home workouts, you are now stumped.

What it does

QuaranTime is an app where a schedule is generated according to preferences that the user inputs to create a customized agenda on activities to do. This app links to your Google Calendar to allow you to section out times of your day for ventures such as work, virtual hangouts, and more. Once satisfied with the results of the agenda created, you can then transfer it to your Google Calendar for my accessibility.

How we built it

We decided to face a new challenge. Due to the ability to produce a smooth experience, we decided to learn how to use Flutter from scratch. We spent the earlier days of the Hackathon learning the basics of Flutter and then applying them to our idea. We also decided to use the Google Calendar API for the uses' convenience.

Challenges we ran into

There were many challenges that we faced. One large one included actually learning and understand how to use Flutter and Dart from the start of the Hackathon on Friday. This was a challenging experience as they were not many mentors who were experienced in this area. We also had difficulty in terms of creating a functional bottom navigation bar as there were many difficulties and not enough time. If we were given more time in the future, I am confident that my team would have been able to solve the issue we were facing with eh bottom navigation bar.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the ability to use the Google Calendar API to link the app to. No one in my team had any experience with this prior to the hackathon.

What we learned

We were able to learn much more than expected during the past 36 hours. We learned how to use Flutter and Dart with absolutely no prior experience. Due to the novelty of app development for all the members, this was another experience that we are all proud to say that we took part in. Aside from FLutter and learning more of the functionality of App Development, we also were able to learn about how to optimize one's experience with software development from a remote location.

What's next for QuaranTime

If we had more time, we would add features such as a bottom navigation bar for users to be able to easily select between the different menus such as Calendar, Preferences, Community, and Setting. We would also like to add a scrolling feature to our pages

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