The rising cases of COVID-19 have put the entire world in a depressive state. We took the opportunity as a challenge to bring a smile to people's faces. All you need at this time is to have a good laugh. When trying to help people escape the dull life of lockdown we came up with Boredom-Relief. Our website provides one place where people can get access to random funny YouTube videos and “easy”, definitely not, games!

What it does

The main purpose of this app is to cure your boredom through mini-games and random videos. While the games may be impossible for you to win, you will leave with a smile due to the website’s impracticalities and goofiness. You can check out the countless minutes of random videos and increase your game-skills by playing “easy” AIs in four different games, including; Connect4; TicTacToe; Rock, Paper, Scissors and the Button game.

How we built it

Boredom-Relief was made from web development tools (HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript). We also integrated an AI created from JavaScript which ironically makes the user lose or draw all of the mini-games. Another goofy element we added was the random video generator which was created using JavaScript randomization. The mini-games were primarily made from HTML and CSS, while JavaScript helped with the functionality.

Challenges we ran into

  • Planning out the project; wireframing (Figma)
  • Finding a platform with the ability to collaborate live with others
  • Learning relevant and new JavaScript syntax
  • Random generation of videos and mini-games
  • Researching more efficient ways to write HTML and CSS syntax

What we learned

There were many learning opportunities along the way for our team. This being the first time working together in a collaborative setting, we got to learn time management, each other's working style and gained the ability to work well under pressure. In addition, most of our team also learned how to program in JavaScript specifically for this project as it was our first time using it. Finally, through this hackathon, we were able to further hone our skills in front-end development.

What's next for Boredom Relief

The next step for Boredom-Relief is to develop and integrate other impractical, time-wasting activities such as; hangman, impossible chess, trivia, and a pointless snake game.

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