Before I met my friend Dias Yeszhanov, I had never known anything about Kazakhstan. When I started to talk to him, I understood more about his culture. I learned a lot of interesting things, and we decided to create a game that helps everyone understand different cultures and explore other nationalities, their norms, beliefs, and values. That what is bringing us together and we hope this game will accomplish this goal.

What it does

Connects people around the world and gives an opportunity to interact with a person from different parts of the world

How we built it

We used Unreal Engine 4 to build this game

Challenges we ran into

We were struggling with figuring out how to create Dialogue System

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Able to create interactive Dialogue System with NPCs

What we learned

We learned more a lot about Unreal Engine capabilities

What's next for Borderless

We will connect the AI with Google Search API for more specific questions, and we will try to make this game multiplayer so the players can actually interact with real people

Built With

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