All of our clubs members derived from immigrant parents. As children of immigrant parents, we saw how difficult it was for our parents to struggle with living in a country with a language they were unfamiliar with. Mi Beneficial Legal understands this struggle and when they pitched their mission to help immigrants fill out difficult to understand legal forms we immediately jumped on the opportunity to help.

What it does

Our program is a front end web application that allows users to create an online version of any document. For example, a voter form. The user will see a copy of the voter form and read line by line, block by block inputting each section into our system. The user will enter the form name and what language the user will input the form in. On the next screen, the user will enter the form's information into the first text field. Afterward, there is a dropdown menu that has options for what type of question the user input. The question option types are as follows: Multiple Choice (MC): Radio, MC: Radio with Textbox Option, MC: Checkbox, MC: Checkbox with Textbox option, Date and Text. If the user selects an option with a Textbox, another textbox will appear for users to input additional information regarding the input form's question. When the user is finished entering the question, the user can hit the "next" button to input the next question from the form.

How we built it

This web application was built utilizing react.js.

Challenges we ran into

The major challenge we ran into was the majority of our team did not have javascript experience. So the majority of the time, the team was learning javascript, node.js, and react.js. Furthermore, we spent approximately 4 hours trying to clarify the details of the requirements and to ensure that all team members were properly informed of the situation.

Accomplishments we are proud of

We are proud of finishing a working web application on time and are excited our hours of work will be useful to help people.

What's Next

Hopefully, we can implement an AI that can receive forms and autonomously read forms and sort the question types on its own. Afterward, a user can write translated versions of the English questions into another language.

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