We like beer. We like wine. We like liquor. Basically we like any kind of booz.

However, we wont just drink any booz you put in our face. We have our favorites, and we prefer to drink those.

One of my favorite beers is Carlsberg. A beer from Copenhagen, Denmark. Not a particularly fancy beer. It is one of my favorite beers mostly for sentimental reasons. The problem is not all liquor stores/markets carry it and when they do they don't usually have a lot in stock. So if I have a craving for Carlsberg it's not always easy to get my hands on a six pack without going to multiple liquor stores and markets. The only real way to save myself from going to multiple places in search of my beloved Danish brew is to call these stores ahead of time. Calling 3, 5, or 10 stores in my neighborhood is not a fun or simple task. So we decided to make an application that does all that for you.

You let us know which alcoholic beverage you are looking for and tell us your phone number. Then we will automatically call (via Twilio) all the retailers in your area that might have that drink in stock. We then send you a text with the results in about 60-90 seconds. Roughly the amount of time it would take you to call one liquor store.

We built this for craft beer fans, wine enthusiasts, Scotch snobs and generally anyone who enjoys beverages a bit more sophisticated than a Bud Light or 2 buck chuck!

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