Being an avid game developer for over 20 years I have always strived to make the process easier by creating libraries and tools. HTML5 game development is a recent hobby that I have picked up, after shying away from JavaScript for many years, I have now embraced it. However, game coding is only a small part of the game development process and without good tools, making games can be a drag instead of the fun experience that it is meant to be. So, Booty5 was born to bridge the gap between game coding, asset management and game design, allowing myself and others to create games the easy and fun way,

How it works

Booty5 is split into two technologies, the Booty5 game engine, which is a JavaScript game engine that currently targets HTML5 canvas. The second part of the technology is a full integrated WYSIWYG game development environment (a game maker) that enables developers to create games entirely inside the IDE with support for code editing, game layouts, game object creation, brush creation, shapes creation, physics definition, event handlers and more. It also exports projects that can be deployed as native web apps for mobile via Web Marmalade.


  • Create and organise game levels / maps and app layouts into scenes and actors (smart sprites)
  • Complete game and app creators integrated development environment (IDE)
  • Export in multi-resolution friendly format, allowing exported data to be used on any sized display
  • Assisted layout editing, including tools to enable easy layout / layout management, bookmarking, edge / vertex snapping, directional cloning and so on
  • Full drag and drop support, drop entire folders of resources onto the editor and it automatically sorts them all for you
  • Support for import of SVG, Texture Packer, audio and other formats
  • Support for physics including materials, shapes, fixtures, joints and the ability to test physics
  • Support for Javascript and other language editing, includes syntax highlighting, code folding and search / replace
  • Create and edit shapes, trace bitmaps to optimised shapes and split concave polygons to convex
  • Create and edit gradients then assign to game objects
  • Interactive play mode that launches the game from the editor
  • Create complete working / runnable projects right in the editor, no back-end services required
  • Support for bitmap animation
  • Support for user properties
  • Exports JSON so output can be used by any game engine that can read JSON

Where to get Booty5?

You can download Booty5 for free from the Booty5 web site

Where are the demos?

You can view a number of demos at the Booty5 web site demo page

Booty5 game engine

The Booty5 HTML5 game engine is open source (MIT license) and is available on Github. The Booty5 game maker always has the latest version of the Booty5 game engine already integrated allowing direct testing from the game maker.


Main editor screenshot Code editor screenshot Shape editor screenshot Gradient editor screenshot Shapes screenshot

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