During quarantine, I noticed that my niece had been behind on her education, because she was unable to go to school during a pandemic. She does not have a lot of knowledge when it comes to her alphabet or number recognition. I understood that there are many different resources such as flash cards or workbooks available to children to help them practice. Those can cost money, and this website is meant to freely help parents or other educators practice recognizing letters to children. Currently, this serves a visionary tool to show kids letters to help them understand it better, as long as they have a supervisor with them.

What it does

For now, this site serves as free, visual flashcards meant to showcase children letters of the alphabet. With a supervisor (such as their parents), the child is tested to see if they recognize the letter. If they do, then the educator selects the _ correct _ button. If the child somewhat recognizes the letter, then the adult should pick the _ somewhat _ button. If the child can not understand the letter, then the best option would be _ incorrect _. This sorts the cards into two categories, a list of letters the child understands, and a list of ones they do not. The website will cycle through the letters that the child does not recognize until that list is empty. The goal is to have the child visually recognize the letters overtime. Once they master it, they should be ready to write them.

How we built it

This site is built using different pages in HTML and CSS. The randomization code for the card letters is in Javascript. In a sense, it just randomly picks a letter that has not been chosen from the list and displays them. Then, depending on what the user selects, those letters are saved and displayed again in the next round. The rounds stop when the list of current cards runs out.

Challenges we ran into

I celebrate the Lunar New Year with my family every year. It just so happens that the Lunar New Year was on February 12th. As a result, there were celebrations on February 12th and 13th, as my family needed time to prepare dinners and visit the graves of our deceased relatives. This took up a lot of the hacking time, so I can not really say I had the full amount of hours to code this website. Additionally, I had no knowledge of HTML and CSS, so I had to educate myself on that while building the site.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is actually the first time I have coded in HTML and CSS. Being able to build a website from the ground up with little knowledge is an accomplishment of itself. With all of these restrictions, I was able to build this site in only 7 hours.

What we learned

Since I have barely dabbled in HTML and CSS, I have confidentially say I have learned these two languages at a basic level. Whether it is structuring different elements, or having multiple files work together to make a functioning website, it has all been new territory for me.

What's next for Bootup Learning

I am to add both pronunciations for each letter, as well as ways to allow kids to see or write the letters themselves (Though I understand writing with a mouse is not the same as writing with a pencil). I may even expand this site for other grades, where students can see reviews of basic skills such as grammar, or mathematics.

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