What is BootRésumé?

BootRésumé turns long winded, bullet heavy résumés into streamlined static webpages, highlighting your skills & accomplishments. All dependencies are pulled via CDN to minimize load time & page weight.

Because BR is built on Bootstrap 2.3.2 & Font Awesome, it's mobile ready out of the box and easy to modify.

How to use BootRésumé

Check out the live demo to see BR in action, and then fork/clone/download this repo to get the template. Copy and comment out line items as neccesary.

FYI, you can see my BootRésumé right here.


BootRésumé is a work in progress, so there are a number of features in the pipeline. I appreciate your feedback, contributions, and pull requests!


BootRésumé is open sourced under the MIT license.

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