I was learning an android application from web and then I tried to create an application for play-store , but The api-version on which i learn and the API-version which I was Targeting were different. I need to search the alternate packages available available for the Target version , update code and then deploy again to check if it works correctly.

What it does

This Workspace remove the repetitive "update code" part of the development . If the developer has an idea about the similar package name or classes/interface they can search a for all matching candidates . Developer can narrow the search by adding api-versions operations like "lt", "gt", "eq".

How we built it

I used spring-boot application as backend with H2 database. For Indexing the API database I have written different web-scrapping implementations with JSoup. Enterprises can use it on-premise by implementing their own framework indexes .

Challenges we ran into

Scraping pages is a big challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing the project in the timeline . Learning frameworks like JSoup. First live running project on Heroku. Subbmitting first hackathon successfully on DevPost.

What we learned

Usage of Postman pre-request scripts , test , monitor, Jsoup , web-scrapping

What's next for Bootmaster

Containerise the backend. Adding more frameworks to index . Checking compatibility for methods of classes and interfaces

Built With

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