Events, Conference, Expo's etc.. Everything is for showcasing the portfolio's and getting the leads. Most of the Booth Personal collect Business cards in a fish bowl and follow-ups will be done in the later stage.

Registrations are automated with lot many applications, but it should not end up with Registrations. Technology should support the End to End Events on the flow. This Idea inspired us to build the Apps which will support Event Organisers, Exhibitors and Attendees and get the analytic's on investment.

Booth Leads is a user-friendly Lead Retrieval mobile app that lets you capture leads at events by scanning the QR codes on attendee badges.


• Scan QR codes and convert them to leads • Store leads from events in your mobile • Send leads instantly to web portal • Rate leads as Hot or Cold • Make notes about each lead you scan • Send an email to a lead with your business details • Forward lead details as an attachment to any one in .csv format • Set a reminder to follow-up with a lead

Who uses this app? Attendees of events, Event Coordinators, Booth Admins, Booth Personnel

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