Catch performance issues early and prevent them from happening before they hit production. Our team of engineers came up with Boost.IO to help you identify and trace performance issues early before technical debt build up through automatic continuous stress testing

Just simply add your repository to Boost.IO and it will automatically watch your repository for performance slowdown. It will also deploy and test them before they hit production to identify performance issues before they affect your organization.

Eliminating slow applications before they are released to production is as simple as adding your Github repository to Boost.IO

How this works :
1) Simply add your Github repository to Boost.IO
2) Boost.IO clones a copy of your repository into Docker container using Dokku deployed on DigitalOcean
3) Boost.IO benchmark and perform various types of tests on the instance of your repository for stress testing, page load test and even browser test
4) Boost.IO returns the result back in real time to Boost.IO's dashboard for monitoring and identify commits that are causing performance issues to your system
5) Boost.IO also returns a graph charted in real time using Firebase as a backend so you can be updated in real time!
5) You can look into the commit diff log and fix issues on your code before pushing it to production

Viola! now your web app or system has an additional boost of performance with Boost.IO doing all the heavy lifting for you.

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