What it does

  1. Use Shodan to find a list of devices running a SRTP protocol which corresponds with a General Electric device
  2. With the coordinates from the Shodan scrape, perform reverse geocoding to find the geolocation
  3. Use Censys to find contact information from the IP

How I built it

Python script automatically generates data in two parts.

Shodan IP Scrape:

  • scrapes shodan and looks for ips that operate under the General Electric SRTP protocol (This occurs on port 18245)
  • using shodan ip gets more information about the GE product
  • Gets Geolocation using Maxmind

Censys Scrape:

  • scrapes Censys for whois information using the ip gained from Shodan.
  • Uses Latitude and Longitude from Maxmind gets the address from a reverse geolocation call to WhitePages

The script then generates a list of these addresses and a map of the plotted locations is made

Challenges I ran into

Since finding the geolocation from an IP is very inaccurate, we found it difficult to come up with a better way

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learned the basics of network security

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