Imagine you’ve just been rejected for what feels like the 1000th time. Why were you rejected again? You’ve been practicing day and night, and could’ve sworn you aced that job interview. But you were rejected again. You ask, what did I do wrong? What am I missing? You’re asking all these questions, but nobody is answering them.

Although interview feedback is highly regarded, it difficult for candidates to get. In a research study done by LinkedIn, they found that out of the 94% of candidates who want feedback, only 40% actually receive feedback. And out of the 60% of candidates who don’t receive feedback, 77% of them never got a response from their interviewer. Even for those who were lucky enough to receive feedback, 76% of candidates found the feedback to be useless. “For the most part, it was the same "try again...there was just a stronger candidate than you this time."

Out of the 94% that value candidate feedback, 90% are dissatisfied with the candidate experience because current forms of feedback and post-interview processes are not effective in addressing the goals of candidates. Ineffective feedback is a major problem that impacts too many people to be left unaddressed.

What it does

Companies don't give feedback because of three main obstacles:

  • Lack of time and resources due to hundreds of applicants and interviews
  • Fear of legal implications from misinterpreted feedback
  • Complex hiring processes that prevent connecting the person who wrote the feedback from sharing it with candidates

However, all three obstacles can largely be solved through a more streamlined feedback process.

Boomerang will address all of these obstacles by facilitating the exchange of feedback between candidate and company. This works because companies can gain immense value from giving feedback once the obstacles are addressed.

Candidates ...

  • Will share a positive experience to peers and networks, improving the company’s reputation among potential employees
  • Will improve their skills to be better potential employees
  • Are 4X more likely to consider future opportunities with the company

Using boomerang, we can bring value to both parties through trading feedback. Candidates will complete a feedback form for the company in order to view the feedback the company has for the candidate. Boomerang will facilitate this exchange with specific legally-compliant forms that address all of the obstacles companies face.

Our key features are:

  • Easy-select options & reusable feedback forms - A comprehensive database of feedback options with multi-select, and stock feedback forms allows for feedback to be given faster

  • Pre-approved feedback options - Database of options prevent discriminatory language and our platform mandates that no legal action can be taken

  • Interviewer-provided feedback - Instead of going through recruiters, interviewers can directly give feedback to the candidate

For better visualization of how our features are different, please view our demo and Figma.

How we built it

We are progressing through the phases of the product cycle including user research, product ideation, and prototyping. After conducting user research through secondary testimonies and surveying members of LinkedIn, we developed mockups using Figma. We also worked with industry professionals to get feedback on our product design. Next, we will implement our web app with our outlined features.

Challenges we ran into

  • Providing value/incentives for companies to integrate with our platform
  • Designing intuitive user flow

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Watching our team go from early ideas being tossed around to a well thought out product through the use of mockups, prototyping, user personas, interviews, and user research was very rewarding. Getting positive feedback from our mentor, Michael Barnes, has excited us for when we being to share our MVP and get user feedback which will allow Boomerang to reach its full potential!

What we learned

Each of our team members came in with different backgrounds and experiences, which led to us all not only learning from the product cycle that we followed and the steps we took, but also from each other. As a group we have all gained a ton of insight into how a product manager operates and thinks, as well as the type of work that they do which will help us as we look for future opportunities!

What's next for Boomerang

First, we plan on working on and finishing up the MVP so we can begin our beta testing. After using what we learn from the testing to further improve upon the MVP, we will begin to start marketing our product and work on forming partnerships with universities. Eventually, we hope to expand from SWE internships to not only a variety of internships but a variety of full-time jobs as well! Additionally, we have a list of additional post MVP features we would like to add in below:


  • Scrape job descriptions for evaluated skills
  • View organization of candidates by role
  • Allow creation of multiple surveys per role
  • Data visualization for candidate exp. feedback
  • In-platform feedback reminder notifications
  • Company admin editing privileges

Built With

  • figma
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