I am currently taking discrete math and a python this term. I find these two courses very interesting and was curious if I can combine them both.

What it does

It takes in truth values from the user and logical operators and computes it sequentially

How I built it

I used python.

Challenges I ran into

Using different text editors for python caused a little bug... this is because there is a certain section in the code where it asks the user for the logical operators and some text editors do not detect this as an input from the user but in fact just the user typing a logical operator.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is actually my first python code and I have learned a lot by just solving a problem at a time... and lots of googling LOL

What I learned

I have learned lots of basic functions and their application.

What's next for Boolean calculator

Currently my code only calculates from left to right... basically sequentially. I am now working on a way to calculate multiple sets at once to make the code more advance.

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