I got the idea to make bookwheat after finding myself losing tweets which I wanted to save for myself for future reference. it was also difficult to organize these tweets in a better manner

What it does

bookwheat organizes the tweets which you feel are important. This is done with the help of a twitter bot, which users can use to save tweets directly from twitter. to top it, there is a website which will display these saved tweets! users can login to the site with the help of their twitter account itself

How we built it

i made this project with python. for the twitter bot i used tweepy to interact with the twitter api. for the website aspect i used flask as my main framework, bootstrap for the frontend and redis for data management

Challenges we ran into

one of the major challenges i ran into was scraping a few features as i was on a time constraint

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm proud of the fact that i was able to finsh the project in time and i am happy with how it turned out :)

What we learned

i learnt a lot about software architecture and full stack development!

What's next for BookWheat

i plan on adding more features to bookwheat to give the users a better experience and help them organize their tweets!

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