Arweave is the perfect platform to permanently share eBooks. Its tagging system allows us to easily tag and identify them.

What it does

It allows users to upload and search eBooks on the Permaweb.

How I built it

Using React and ArweaveJS. It was very straightforward!

Challenges I ran into

The query language used by Arweave, that is ArQL, can be a bit restrictive. For this reason my app only supports exact matches for searches. I plan on making it easier by allowing other fields to be searched, the most appropriate one being the ISBN. The problem is that this field is usually not included as part of the metadata, and it can be cumbersome for users to manually input every extra field.

What's next for bookweave

  • Easier searching: Find better identifiers for books;

  • Possibly allow users to upload larger files, by breaking them up into smaller transactions ( Arweave has a hard limit of 10MB on files ). This will only implemented if there is a lot of demand, as most eBooks tend to be smaller than the limit;

  • Monetization

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