Under the current USG TigerApps system, very few people use the official Textbook Exchange system. Instead, the vast majority of students resort to a "Textbooks Facebook Group". Unfortunately, this group is extremely disorganized and misleading. Often times, old listings remain in the group indefinitely, and the books are not organized in a efficient and reliable manner.

With the development of BookUp, our HackPrinceton Project, we offer a creative and innovative solution to the problem. BookUp organizes books based first on course and then on book title, as the specific book used for a course varies by semester. Thus, a user can easily compare competing listings for a given course.

Most impressively, BookUp streamlines communication between the seller and buyer. Under the Facebook Group, the two parties had to communicate through separate Facebook comments and messages, a highly crude system. In BookUp, the buyer can directly email the seller.

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